Blog Architecture

homelab blog architecture pfsense haproxy

I'm having a lot of fun setting this blog up as a practical excersise in tying together a number of services I've used in the past, and getting something about me out on the internet.



Hosted on AWS Route53. IP address dynamically updates, should my ISP decide I need a different one.


PFSense, running on a repurposed tower (that was once a computer lab machine, before it was lifecycled out and sold to me.)


HAProxy, acting as a reverse proxy and performing SSL offloading.


Wildcard cert issued by Let's Encrypt.


Grav CMS.


Apache, running on a CentOS 7 virtual machine.


Ovirt hyperconverged node, built using a repurposed Google Search Appliance


Using grav's git-sync plugin to sync content with a private repo hosted on This is great because it means I can edit the content without ever needing to ssh into my host, I just edit the repo wherever i want and git commit && git push my changes, and the site automatically updates!

And the best part is, if you're reading this - it works!

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